The Atheists

They came from the Sea.

Back in 1988 there was a referendum, in the small municipality of Sjöbo, on whether the municipality should accept refugees or not.

It doesn’t matter, in this text, what position you take on immigration, the point stressed here being, that the referendum was the start of a class war, in Sweden. It is the war between (roughly) an urban intellectual class and a rural working class.

The educated urban middle class would increasingly view the rural population as peasants and white trash. With time that compliment has been extended to anyone outside the chattering classes; people with a real job – the servants.

With Olof Palme there was a change of focus, instead of building a better Sweden, the worthy task became building a better world. The practical was superseded by idealism. At the same time, a Swedish self-image of the best country in the world, spread, like a virus. Accordingly, you could only be dissatisfied with the conditions in Sweden, if there was something wrong with you.

Olof Palme demonstrating with the ambassador of North Vietnam.

Almost all Swedish people, have their origin in a very plain rural settings – if not in outright poverty. There is a sense of shame, for poverty, the simplicity and the lack of education and sophistication, that manifests itself in an urban snobbism. That snobbism defies its purpose, because it is so obviously a compensation.

There are, then, many layers of existential denial as we arrive in the 21 century. Swedish people have to demonstrate that the are modern and urban, not backward and rural, by positioning themselves at the liberal end of various issues, such as immigration .

Since there are so many levels of denial, and no real intellectual process, those issues signalling modernism also became taboo.

Up until the refugee crisis of 2015, it sort of “worked”, but after that, the pressure was too great and the discussion could no longer be supressed. We had the rise of “free media”, that is media to some extent inspired by Joe Rogan, creating platforms of their own. Most of them broke new ground, by opening up for a discussion about immigration in Sweden.

Five years later, most of these media are still revealing truths, about immigration and the Swedish media landscape. But Sweden is (actually) a nation. Through the immigration, Sweden has become an increasingly diverse society. If you happen to be born with personality traits not as anxious, as the chattering classes positioning themselves, and allow yourself to be curious about that large, very complex nation, Sweden would be like a big, overwhelming, smörgåsbord. But, that is all too far out the springboard. Unable to talk about immigration, they are all unable to talk about anything but immigration.

They are like atheists, unable to talk about anything but God.

Everyone, who is a part and expression of that varied complex nation, is still at sea.

Post-everything-government-blues in Sweden

Wife of blogger looking at the sea.

The Social Democratic party did not win the last election, they just lost it less than they thought they would. The election result, was the worst since 1911, for the Social Democrats. Yet, the Social Democrats remained in government.

That is probably great, “we lost but we did not lose”, if you are a Social Democrat. But, it has put the Social Democrats in a position, where they have had to abandon their own policies, to remain in government.

A year after the new Social Democratic government was formed, the Covid-19 epidemic came to Sweden. It is not the aim of this blog-post to list all the actions and non-actions taken by the Swedish government and its authorities. But, looking at the information from the authorities, one is struck by, that there is a lot of information in detail, but there seems to be no overriding plan (this observation was originally made by the academic Wilhelm Agrell.)

As the Swedish death toll increases, and the comparison with neighboring countries becomes less encouraging, the Swedish path is increasingly questioned.

Ministers of the Government, and the Prime minister, has stressed the seriousness of the situation again and again. See here, here and here, a sample of several instances.

At the same time it has become increasingly apparent, that large segments of the public does not comply with the regulations. In a remarkable clip from SVT, a young actress says that herd immunity is “the way to go.” Apparently she assumes that she is not the one, that will die from the virus, while Sweden attains herd immunity.

There is every indication that Sweden is a country at the end of an era, where the pride of Sweden, the Social Democratic welfare state, no longer retains its legitimacy; where the Swedish Social Democratic government has been able to cling on to power, but does not have or wield power, and is no longer seen as an authority and does not command the respect of the Swedish people.

The old man is not old and wise, he is just old and weak. Life has passed him by. Who will replace him, we do not know. Meanwhile, it seems as though Sweden has become a ship without command, drifting in perilous waters at the mercy of the elements.


Det har flyttat in en ekorre i vårt trädgård. Vi tror att den bor i alen utanför köksfarstun.

Det bor också två katter, Sötis och Sotis, som är mycket förtjusta i små söta djur, i vår trädgård.

Därför har vi döpt ekorren till Horace; så hög svansföring vid tidens ände.

Veckans offerkofta

Journalist and Presenter of Channel 4 News Cathy Newman pictured at Soho House, London. 

Paulina Neuding skriver om allmänhetens reaktion på Cathy Newmans intervju av Jordan Peterson i SvD. Paulina Neuding: Journalistik med syfte att tysta kritiker Här kan man se intervjun: Youtube, Channel 4 News, Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

Och visst är man less den sortens inskränkta härsklystnad. Det där att Cathy Newman sedan utmålas som ett offer. The Gurdian 
C4 calls in security experts after presenter suffers online abuse.

Man behöver inte lyssna länge på Peterson, för att förstå att han berör de svåraste frågorna, och gör det med stort allvar.

För vuxna

Det mesta som har med Ryssland att göra är enormt: geografin, förtrycket, dödstalen, tillgångarna, fylleriet. Ibland stiger människor fram där, som vars personligheter är lika storslagna, som landet är.

PBS intervju med Yevgenia Albats, är lika omskakande, som den är klargörande. Det har, förstås, ett pris att bära en sådan börda, som den kunskapen innebär. Det är just därför så många ägnar sig åt trivialiteter.

Hur som helst, är PBS Frontlines program Putins Revenge och bakgrundsmaterial The Putin Files, verkligen journalistik för vuxna. En välsignelse i denna tid av snuttar och tuttar.

Polen igen

Det finns mycket att säga om att besöka Auschwitz på 2000-talet. Mitt eget intryck var, att ju fler människor besöker, utan att förstå och respektera tragedin, desto mer urvattnas dess betydelse. Det är en helig plats. Desto mer man profanerar den, desto mer av dess värde nöter man bort.

På den stora perrongen höll en grupp någon form av seans. Också det så respektlös mot de döda och deras lidande.

Dagens räddades av en israelisk skolklass. Deras lärare var så väl förberedd, och man behövde verkligen inte kunna hebreiska, för att förstå att hon talade om de medicinska experimenten och Dr. Mengele.