At this page you will mainly find texts covering covering the issues relating to Swedish residential- and foster homes.

As an extension of that, Sweden and its culture of silence, and the polarization of in- and out-groups in Sweden is also covered. The survivors of residential- and foster homes remains the out-group par excellence in Sweden.

The page has been “re-started” in the spring of 2020. The task of covering the failure of the Swedish welfare state is to big,for one person. It is apparently also too big for Swedish politics, its academia, its authorities and its media. Hopefully there will be enough material at the page eventually, for the interested reader to inform himself.

Although there was “a process”, it never got to the causes of those failures, because it would have involved truth being spoken to power. Significantly a lot of attention has been given to the failures of the Catholic structures – reminding us that the Thirty Years’ War is not that long ago – while remaining almost oblivious to similar failures of Protestant and Secular structures in Sweden.

The issue has taken on a different significance, as the Prime Minister was a foster child, but has turned his back on his “brothers” and “sisters.” In the spring of 2020 the was a backlash, returning to the heavy handed policies of the last Century.